Language Arts

In Pre-school, children first work to master pre-language skills.  Children are taught that everything has a name and challenged to question and research any object to define its meaning. Building visual discrimination skills to develop necessary tools to differentiate letters, children work with matching objects, pictures and things that are visually similar. Moving into things that go together, finding what is missing and rhyming further assist in the development of reading skills.  When a child masters pre-language skills, they may move into more advanced Language skills in both English and Hebrew at their own pace.

Curricular Goals

Hebrew Language
•    Letter recognition by sight & sound
•    Building words with Hebrew letters
•    Nekudos
•    Reading from a Siddur
•    25 shoroshim
•    Writing Hebrew letters
•    Recognition of script Hebrew letters

English Language
•    Letter recognition by sight & sound
•    Lower & upper case letters
•    Phonetic reading
•    50 sight words
•    Writing English letters
•    Reading at early First Grade level
•    Writing name

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